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The 8th year of the Czech Warpstock mini-conference and OS/2 user meeting will take place at the Rana Airport from September 18, 2009 to September 20, 2009.


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When and Where

As usual, Czech Warpstock will happen during an autumn wekend chosen in a poll. This year, it will be the weekend from Friday, September 18 to Sunday, September 20.

On contrary, the place of the event is a little bit unconventional - this is for the first time the event takes place at an airport. The Rana Airport is a "craddle" of Czech gliding; first steps are dated back to 1932. At the moment, the airport is used mainly by the Aeroclub of Rana, having around 40 members. Most of them practice gliding (i.e. flying in a plane without any engine). The Rana hill, just next to the airport, is a popular place for paragliders from the whole Czech Republic.

Presentations will be given in the classroom of the aeroclub. Accomodation is also provided, we will have all available appartments for our disposition. Please indicate at the registration form whether you want us to provide accomodation for you, and if so, for how many people. The airport building provide all common facilities, including a bar.

Rana is situated in the north-west of the Czech Republic, not too far from the German border (cca 30-40 km). If you live around (eastern Germany, southern Poland), why not to spend a weekend here?

How to Get There

By Car

Coming by car is probably the best way how to get to the destination. That's because the airport is not normally reachable by public transport; the nearest bus stop is about 3 km away.

According to  a map server, these are GPS coordinates of the airport parking place:
N 50°24'30.071", E 13°45'22.822"

If you use a GPS navigation system in your car, use this address:

Hrádek 1
Louny district
Czech Republic

Find at (a map server)

The airport can be found at the southern side of Hradek, please ignore that the server shows #1 in the middle of the village. Obviously, something went wrong with the map. Also note that road I/28 between is Dobroměřice and Raná currently closed due to works. You will have to divert from the natural way, as depicted in the following maps:

Map 1 Map 2
Approach to the Rana Airport from Prague, Chomutov, and Most. Detailed approach to the airport.

If you are not using GPS navigation, here are some instructions for human navigation when coming from Prague or Chomutov:

  1. Head for Louny.
  2. There are 3 exits near Louny, use exit Louny-West (Louny-západ) and proceed to Most. Right after you leave the main road, there is a small roundabout followed by a bigger one after 300 meters. Then, there is just a straight road.
  3. After cca 2 kms, you will arrive to a junction. The road ends a few hundred meters after the junction so turn left to a village.
  4. Go on through the village. After 1 km, you will silently pass to another village - Lenešice. Go through the village completely. There is a crossing in the middle of the village; keep on the main road, i.e. turn slightly right.
  5. After leaving the village, proceed cca 5 kms to another one -  Břvany. Right at the beginning, turn right over a railroad to get to the village. Again, stay on the main road and leave the village at the other end.
  6. Proceed for other 3 km.
  7. You will arrive to the village of  Hrádek. Right after reaching it, turn right to a small road. There is a green panel with a white glider just near the junction.
  8. After cca 100 meters, you are entering the airport parking. There might be a latch put down at the entry. If it is down, call the organizers or shout out, there will be someone around.

Here are instructions for those coming from the town of Most:

  1. Head for Louny.
  2. Near the village Raná, turn right from the main road and enter the village.
  3. There is just one crossing in the village. Keep on the main road, i.e. slightly turn to the right.
  4. Inside the village, totally ignore all white arrows pointing to an airport. They are pointing to a different airport which is on the other side of the hill!
  5. Exit the village and continue for about 2 km.
  6. Enter the village of Hrádek. Just at the end of the village, turn left. This is the only road to the left, you cannot miss it. In addition, there is a green panel with a white glider placed right et the junction.
  7. After cca 100 meters, you are entering the airport parking. There might be a latch put down at the entry. If it is down, call the organizers or shout out, there will be someone around.

If you plan to come from a different direction, please contact the organizers.

By Bus

Unfortunately, bus is not a covenient mean of transport in this case. However, if you want to take a bus anyway, buy a ticket to Louny - Bus station. When you arrive, call the organizers and we will transport you by car.

Please note that it is necessary to announce your intentions at least one day before!

By Train

Even a bit worse that by bus :-( There is no railway station around, please by a ticket to Louny - Main station or, alternatively, to Louny - Center or Louny - Town. When you arrive, call the organizers and we will transport you by car.

Please note that it is necessary to announce your intentions at least one day before!

By Plane

At last! Yes, this is the right choice! Please consult the air traffic information page of our airport to know how to get there and how to land. The AFIS service is not usually provided on Fridays but we will be happy to make an exception just for you :-)

The runways suffer from many wholes created by gophers living under the runways, so pay attention during the landing.


Accomodation will provided by the organizers right at the airport; you can choose from two options:

  • In appartments in the main airport building. There are three of them, for 2-6 guests. They all have their own bathrooms and can be locked. The price for an appartment is a few hundred Czech crowns (cca 10-20 Euro) per day. If you come with your wifes / girlfriends / children, you'll be put here.
  • Hard men with the sense for aeroclub life stay in an old wooden building. This is also where all presentations will be given. Beside the good feeling, you will also be very happy about the price -- almost zero. You'll be placed here on your own request or if all appartments are already occupied. Capacity of this building is virtually unlimited.

The prices of accomodation are as follows:

Accomodation type Total price Price per person
Appartment #1, 3 persons 600 Kč / day 200 Kč / day if fully occupied, or more
Appartment #2, 4 persons 1000 Kč / day 250 Kč / day if fully occupied, or more
Wooden building N/A 100 Kč / day


Dřevák Zděná budova Dřevák

The wooden building where presentation will be given.

The gentleman on the photo is very happy as he has just purchased a nice Christmas gift -- an ASW-19 glider.

The main building with appartments is just next to the hangar. The appartments are situated on the 1st floor, right under the control tower.

The gentleman on the photo is about to freeze to death as he is helping the first gentleman to assembly his ASW-19 and December weather is not much convenient for such activities.

The wooden building welcomes you!


The technical part of the registration process is provided by Luboš Černý, as it was during previous years. Emails with registration information are delivered to all organizers so don't worry about being forgotten.

Register here!

Please indicate truly if you require accomodation, and if so, for how many people (women are always welcome at the airport). There is some space for notes if you want to send us some extra information.

There is no conference fee, you will have to pay only for accomodation, food and drinks. The registration is not binding (and we cannot enforce it anyway), but if you register and realize you cannot come, please let us know so that we do not block places in appartments for you.

On the other hand, if you don't need accomodation, you can appear at the event without any previous registration, we will be happy to see you there.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Late afternoon, evening: Arrival of attendees, meeting in the bar
From about 20:00: Dinner in a pub in Louny (a nearby town)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

9:00: Breakfast in the bar
9:30-13:00: Presentations
13:00-14:00: Lunch in a pub
14:00-17:00: Presentations
17:00: A trip to the top of the Rana hill, followed by a dinner in a pub

Sunday, September 20, 2009

9:00: Breakfast in the bar
Further programme will depend on the number of presentations. As their number is constantly falling down every year, we will probably organize a longer trip.
Afternoon: Take-off, direction home

All times are informative only and very likely will not be respected exactly due to the usual chaos.


So far the following presentations have been announced:

  1. Migrating CVS repositories to Subversion
    • Zdeněk Wagner
  2. Installing eCS 2.0 into Virtual Box
    • Jarda Kačer
    • Currently ready for VB 2.x but might be present on version 3 which has already been released.
  3. Data boxes - Principles, usage and administration
    • Rosťa Frič
    • Rosťa works in the IT department of a bigger state institution and currently he manages introduction of data boxes to the organization. Although the topic is not related to OS/2, it might be very interesting to the audience as it is currently the Number One IT project in the Czech Republic.
  4. Using Unix build environment and GCC from Paul Smedley
    • Jarda Kačer
    • Experience and notes from porting GNU Octave to OS/2
  5. Printing on a remote CUPS printer
    • Luboš Černý
  6. Seti@Home over BOINC
    • Luboš Černý

If you think you have something to present, do not hesitate, contact the organizers and submit your presentation!

Accompanying Events

During the whole event, you have an excellent opportunity to get 20 trust point to the Thawte Web of Trust Programme. The points can be assigned to you by two newbie notaries Luboš Černý and Jarda Kačer. If you are interested, please read and follow the instructions (Jarda's instructions, Luboš's instructions).


Main organizer: Jarda Kačer, tel. +420723914123, email jarda (at) kacer (dot) biz
Technical organizer: Luboš Černý, tel. +420736506248, email lcerny (at) os2 (dot) cz