Paul Ratcliffe has released a new version of WarpIN, a popular OS/2 installer. The new version patches a few bugs and brings some new features.

As usual, you an get it at Hobbes:
After processing:

Also available at Netlabs:
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Here is the original list of killed bugs and enhancements:

V1.0.16 (February 19, 2008)


-- In RUNWIC.CMD, WarpIN path is added to BEGINLIBPATH instead of replacing it. Bug 943.

-- Multiple BASE tags are now ignored, with the lowest numbered package taking priority. Bug 947.

-- Packages containing 0 bytes worth of files caused a "broken package" error and were not able to be uninstalled. Bug 948.

-- Error message "Directory %s could not be removed because there is/are %u directory(ies) and %u file(s) left in it. Remove it manually" often had a directory count of 0 when attempting to delete undeletable files. Bug 1001.

-- Changed de-installation order to match opposite of installation order and run De-executes before deleting INI file entries. Bug 1024.

New features:

-- Implemented "wic -p" mode to query whether a specific package ID is already installed. Bug 1017.

-- Implemented "wic -g" mode to generate an XML CID file from an archive. Bug 1022.

-- Clicking on links in HTML README pages now opens the default browser with the specified URL. Bug 1031.

-- Implemented a Packages menu to allow keyboard control of Verify/Deinstall/Remove functions which were previously only available on mouse driven context menus. Bug 1015.

-- Added support for Codepage 1386 (IBM Chinese).