Paul Smedley has another unofficial build of the Open Source Edition of VirtualBox for OS/2 host. Note there is no official OS/2 host, but some Innotek employees and others have worked on a version for OS/2 based on the Open Source Edition of VirtualBox.

Get Vbox/2 here:


What's new:
Build 9 31. mar 2008
- Host interface networking added to GUI/Qt interface.
We now have full networking support in GUI !
Added support for piix4 in VboxBFE ( to be compatible with Qt )
( All of this thanx to Hermi ! )
- Vbox updated to current 1.56 version.

Official website:
"innotek VirtualBox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use."

Official unofficial builds of the OS/2 host can be found at

User Manual: UserManual.pdf

There is now a support forum for the OS/2 host on the Innotek VirtualBox website: