PDFMergeNX is a tool for doing everyday things with PDF documents and PostScript files. It can be used to

- Merge PDF/PS[/TIF/FAX/JPEG] files
- Split PDF/PS files into single pages
- Print PDF/PS files (currently broken)
- View PDF/PS files (builtin Mini-PDF/PS-Viewer)
- Compare (text) content of 2 PDF/PS files
- Extract PS files from PDF files
- Add bookmarks
- Add and update PDF metadata
- Rearrange pages
- Flip pages upside down
- set document information such as title, subject, author, keywords
- load/save listfiles to add sets of PDF/PS files at once

It has
- various options (page alignment, import bookmark headings etc.)
- national language support (English default, German included)
- a simple builtin distiller (based on GhostScript, cannot do bookmarks)
- support for ePDF as distiller (required if
* bookmarks should be created,
* the output should be encrypted,
* a background watermark should be applied).

What's new?
+Added: Chosen bookmark option is saved accross sessions
+Added: Extended MPF file format by also storing the mark/unmark status (plus add a reserved field for future bookmark level)
+Added: Detect if PDF file has bookmarks already (currently these are discarded!)
+Added: Create bookmarks by translating filename parts into bookmark heading using a translation file
+Added: Fix wrongly encoded Umlauts in PDFs metadata (German ones only for now, others will follow)
*Added: History added for mask to add many PDF files
*Added: Button to erase single items from the history of PDF metadata
*Added: Implemented Undo for captured metadata (the previous behavior was odd because the abort button seemed to offer undo capabilities which simply did not exist).
*Changed: Streamlined and optimized history routines
*Changed: We detect nonexistent files on our own, this is much faster than letting GS or PDFInfo fall over and analyze their failure afterwards
*Changed: Move Bookmarks into the main menu
*Changed: Completely rewrote the automatic versus manual filename creation stuff
*Changed: Test the XPDF update to 3.02 level
*Changed: Temporary files are hidden during all load operations
*Changed: Duplicate history item detection is not case sensitive anymore
*Changed: Duplicate history item detection recognizes root directory regardsless of trailing
!Fixed: Several issues with blanks in source names
!Fixed: Several issues with blanks in target names
!Fixed: Bookmarks were not created if target path did not exist, so we create it before distilling
!Fixed: Removed "random" feature in _ExportMPF()
!Fixed: The "Broken" and "Bookmark" bitmaps in preview were not working.
!Fixed: The OK-button in the Add-Many dialog is disabled as long there is no valid directory entered in the path field.
!Fixed: PDF metadata of "newly" discovered files are also refreshed (not only the thumbnail)
!Fixed: Current PDF metadata was not saved to
!Fixed: Some printing fixes (still not working properly)
!Fixed: If PDF files should be erased, remove garbage only if "Apply to all" is enabled.

URL: http://members.aon.at/herwig.bauernfeind/os2.html