This is part of the NewsFlash EWWS - issue December 2002.

Q: Has IBM withdrawn OS/2 from marketing?

A: No IBM has not withdrawn OS/2 from marketing. However,
selected shrink-wraped media and documentation part numbers will be
withdrawn effect 12 March 2003. IBM plans to continue the availability
of OS/2 for purchase with software maintaince through Passport
Advantage for delivery either electronically or CD ROM media-pack.

Q: How much longer does IBM plan to support OS/2? When will IBM withdraw its OS/2 products?

A: At this time IBM has no plans to withdraw OS/2 from marketing.

Q: Is OS/2 dead?

A: No. Some OS/2 components such as the Presentation
Manager already have been functionally stabilized. We anticipate that
over time additional components will be functionally stabilized.
However, we anticipate the need for device driver and defect support
for several years.

Q: What are IBM's plans for OS/2 enhancements?

A: Each year IBM publishes an OS/2 Strategy that describes IBM's plans for OS/2 that year.
IBM plans to publish the OS/2 Strategy for 2003 in January 2003. Go to

Q: What are IBM's support plans for OS/2?

A: IBM plans to provide Program defect support for OS/2
Warp 4 Convenience Packages and for Warp Server for e-business
Convenience Packages for customers with software subscriptions through
31 December 2004.

Customers should install the latest FixPak or service refresh
to stay current for Program Support. Customers must maintain software
subscriptions for Program Support and to obtain FixPak(s) or service
refreshes. No FixPaks or service refreshes are planned for Java 1.1.8
or Netscape 4.61. For customers who choose not to purchase software
subscriptions, IBM plans to offer a special-bid Service Extension (SE)
for IBM designated components.

Access to Level 1 and Level 2 support is a prerequisite and the
software must be at the current service level. For customers with or
without software subscriptions, IBM plans to offer a special-bid Total
Content Ownership (TCO) for IBM designated components. Access to Level
1 and Level 2 support is a prerequisite, and a private code line based
on the customer's service level is created. TCO fixes are usually
placed in the service code line to facilitate TCO customer update to a
later service level. IBM plans to offer special-bid, IBM designated
device drivers as a component of SEs and TCOs. Refer to for further details.

Q: What are IBM's plans for the OS/2 software stack?

A: The OS/2 software stack has become functionally
stabilized, and IBM intends to provide defect support for the OS/2
software stack via limited warranty defect support followed by
fee-based defect support.

Q: I thought I could not purchase through Passport Advantage unless I was a large customer?

A: IBM Passport Advantage recently announced that
effective 1 August 2002 dropping the 10 point minimum for initial
purchase to enter the Passport Advantage program.

This change enables our Business Partners worldwide to better
address the needs of customers in the SMB marketplace. Initial orders
of less than 10 points will result in the customer having an initial
Relationship Suggested Volume Price (RSVP) of Level A.

As an alternative to purchasing a Software Choice subscription
for OS/2 Warp v4, existing OS/2 Warp V4 license holders can purchase a
1 year software maintenance after license for each copy of OS/2 Warp V4
optionally purchase a 1 year software maintenance renewal for each copy
following site contains links to Passport Advantage information:

Q: I have tried to order OS/2 Warp V4 through PassPort Advantage Online but can not find the part numbers.

A: Specifically the OS/2 Warp V4 Install Software
Maintenance After License part number (D5C4NLL) is now on the online
catalog. The eCustomer Care folks at 1-800-978-2246 are there to assist
you with any questions you have about using the Passport Advantage
Online ordering system. They are also the folks that added the above
number to the catalog so they are able to provide help beyond just Q
and As.