The Czech OS/2 & eCS portal has recently migrated to a new content-management system. The new system is based on Drupal and offers many features that were not available in the old one. Now everybody can register as a user and submit news and articles to the portal. This solves the long-lasting issue with spammers who forced us to protect the submit form with a user name and password that only a few people knew.

The new portal has kept the division into two language sections: the Czech and English one. However, some links are displayed in the Czech section only, e.g. the link to the discussion phorum.

The new portal also aggregates RSS news from other OS/2-related portals, namely from OS/2 World,, and OS/2 News.

Some links may not work yet; we are aware of them and working to fix them.

Special thanks go to the blue.point company that runs the portal and did all the migration.

Welcome to the re-launched!