SciTech Software plans to renew the old SNAP Device Driver Kit (DDK) release under the name OpenSNAP.

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Message from Steve Wendt

The SciTech SNAP Graphics products are no longer being actively developed, and it is planned to have portions of the source code available under an open source license. There will no longer be any future versions of SNAP Graphics available from SciTech.

If you would like to use the latest SciTech release on your computer, it is still available from the SciTech web site: snap-os2-3.1.8.exe

There is also a free registration code you may use to unlock the product, see this file for details: free-reg-code.txt

If you are interested in assisting with an open source release, you may subscribe to the OpenSNAP mailing list; please note that this list is not intended for interested end users.