A new version of Vbox/2 is available from Paul Smedleys site.

Here is the news:

Build 7 10. feb 2008

* Included new Host InterFace (TAP) driver for OS/2 host. This gives Vbox/2 full networking support. It currently only works with VboxBFE.
* Fixed NAT networking. NAT networking is now working in all frontends.
* Included a conversion utility, which can convert VPC/2 images to Vbox/2
* Included new SDL driver, which supports VMAN (faster than Dive)
* Fixed Shared folders. Works in QT and SDL now.

Get Vbox/2 here: http://www.smedley.info/os2ports/index.php?page=virtualbox

Official website: http://www.virtualbox.org
"innotek VirtualBox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization products for
enterprise as well as home use."