This application is a document viewer for eComStation designed as a replacement for Acrobat Reader.

One goal of Lucide is to have a fast document viewer which is well integrated in the eComStation WPS and supports features like drag and drop and printing and which makes as easy as possible to work with PDF and other files on eComStation.

Latest changes:

* JPG plugin: added support for quality image scaling
* If the filename does not have an extension or the extension is unknown, Lucide will check file data to determine a suitable plugin (closed ticket #43)
* Added menuitems and hotkeys to subsequently load supported files in the same directory (Menu: Document->Next/Previous, closed ticket #66)
* Added list of recent files (Menu: Document->Recent files)
* Implemented custom file dialog with preview (closed ticket #86)
* Added hotkeys (Ctrl+0/1/2) for predefined zoom levels
* Added 'Ignore printer margins' option in Print dialog (closed ticket #110)
* UClip package is optional now (closed ticket #115)
+ Small fixes and improvements (closed ticket #126)