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OpenOffice.org 3.1.0 beta 1

Posted by Martin Iturbide - Sunday, 18 January 2009

Serenity Systems International and Mensys BV are pleased to announce the first public beta of OpenOffice.org 3.1 for eComStation and OS/2.

UniAud (HDA code)

Paul Smedley has some test builds of UniAud where the HDA code has been updated to ALSA 1.0.11, 1.0.12, 1.0.13, 1.0.14, 1.0.15, and 1.0.16. Note that the current state of HDA support in UniAud 1.1.x is poor, and may be disabled for the 1.1.4 release if these test releases do not produce good enough results.

OS/2.cz v. 2.0

This page is under construction...

OS/2 Q&A for Selected Part Number Withdrawal

This is part of the NewsFlash EWWS - issue December 2002.

Q: Has IBM withdrawn OS/2 from marketing?

A: No IBM has not withdrawn OS/2 from marketing. However,
selected shrink-wraped media and documentation part numbers will be
withdrawn effect 12 March 2003. IBM plans to continue the availability
of OS/2 for purchase with software maintaince through Passport
Advantage for delivery either electronically or CD ROM media-pack.

Q: How much longer does IBM plan to support OS/2? When will IBM withdraw its OS/2 products?

An Introduction To The REXX Programming Language

Rexx is used as a command language for operating, dialog,
database management, network systems, as a scripting language for automating
and integrating applications in these systems and as a macro language for
arbitrary application programs. In this article I would like to show that
Rexx is an interesting high-level programming language, too. This is an
original introduction. I will concentrate only on features of the language
Rexx which are not included, in whole, in the others programming languages.

eComStation - Release Candidate 1.0

one of the early registrants of Serenity Systems' eComStation operating
system, I have been anxiously awaiting the final GA (General Availability)
release for many months. There have been a half dozen preview releases,
most sent only to distributors for testing purposes, but at least three
preview releases were easily available to those who had purchased a license.
Please see my last month's article for my
experiences with eComStation previews 1, 2 and 3

eComStation 1.0 - First Look

What's eComStation?

eComStation (eCS) is the latest product from Serenity
. eCS is an operating system based on OS/2 technology licensed
from IBM. Users looking to move beyond OS/2 Warp 4 have 3 options:

Interview with Samuel Audet - author of PM123 player

Here is interview with Samuel Audet, author of PM123.

Filip: When did you start developing PM123 multimedia player?

Open Source as OS/2´s long life elixir

"Proposition three: kill
time and live forever."

- (A. Carter, "The
Passion of New Eve")

Writing Effective Product Announcements

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