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Dosbox frontend 4.9.5 for DosBox 0.72

This version is more compatible with DosBox 0.72, and there was added a few extra 0.72 options.

Homepage: http://members.home.nl/cwroossien/ecs.html

Requirements for DosBox:

# http://dosbox.sourceforge.net/download.php?main=1
# ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/dosbox/
# http://www.joschs-robotics.de/dosbox/
# http://dosbox.sourceforge.net/download.php?main=1

Hobbes: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-search?sh=1&key=dosbox

DaniS506 version 1.8.2

DaniS506 version 1.8.2 has been released (2/24/2008). DaniS506 is a replacement for IBM's EIDE driver (IBM1S506), which features: support for Intel, VIA, Ali, SiS, CMD, Promise, Cyrix, HPT, AMD, Artop, SMSC, ServerWorks, Opti, Nvidia, NatSemi, SiliconImage, ITE, ATI, and NetCell chipsets, SerialATA, PCCard controllers, busmastering, Ultra33-DMA, Ultra ATA-66, Ultra ATA-100, faster PIO due to 32-bit I/O, and much more.

Hobbes: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-search?key=danis

JRE 1.5.0_07 under eComStation

Hi all,
while playing around with different odin-runtimes, i found a possibility to run at least java 1.5 on eCS.

Maybe nothing new...

URL: http://home.arcor.de/michael.holzapfel/eCS/java/Using%20Java%20on%20eCS....

OS2LDR Replacement ver 0.1 (test version)

There is a test version of an OS2Ldr replacement available at hobbes.

Hobbes: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-search?key=os2ldr

There is a forum at ecomstation.ru about os2ldr or you can join or own discussion at os2world.com forum.

Please remember this "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK."

Generic MAC Wrapper (Genmac) 2.20

The Generic MAC Wrapper Driver (GenMac) of Willibald Meyer is now available in Version 2.20. Due to the support of many more network interface cards, the new version has grown too big to remain packed into one archive file. Instead it has been split into a package for the main GenMac driver, and additional, vendor specific driver packages.

See the online help in the main package for the revision history and more information about which network interface cards are support, and detailed information on how to submit bug reports including debug data.

WarpIN 1.0.16

Paul Ratcliffe has released a new version of WarpIN, a popular OS/2 installer. The new version patches a few bugs and brings some new features.

As usual, you an get it at Hobbes:
After processing: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/util/archiver/warpin-1-0-16.zip

Also available at Netlabs: ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/incoming/warpin-1-0-16.exe
After processing: ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/warpin/warpin-1-0-16.exe

Here is the original list of killed bugs and enhancements:

V1.0.16 (February 19, 2008)

New Vbox/2 version available

A new version of Vbox/2 is available from Paul Smedleys site.

Here is the news:

Build 7 10. feb 2008

* Included new Host InterFace (TAP) driver for OS/2 host. This gives Vbox/2 full networking support. It currently only works with VboxBFE.
* Fixed NAT networking. NAT networking is now working in all frontends.
* Included a conversion utility, which can convert VPC/2 images to Vbox/2
* Included new SDL driver, which supports VMAN (faster than Dive)
* Fixed Shared folders. Works in QT and SDL now.

Sun Microsystems Announces Agreement to Acquire innotek

February 12, 2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced that it has entered into a stock purchase agreement to acquire innotek, the provider of the leading edge, open source virtualization software called VirtualBox.

See Press Release on http://www.sun.com/aboutsun/pr/2008-02/sunflash.20080212.1.xml

SDL/2 v1.2.10 20080121 update

An update to the Simple DirectMedia Layer version 1.2.10 OS/2 port has been uploaded to Netlabs FTP /Incoming.

SDL/2 web site: http://sdl.netlabs.org

This is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and 2D video framebuffer. It is used by MPEG playback software, emulators, and many popular games.

Binary: sdl-1.2.10-bin-20080121.zip
Source: sdl-1.2.10-bin-20080121.zip
Simple DirectMedia Layer Web Site: http://www.libsdl.org/

Changelog from readme.txt:

Version 1.2.10 - 2008-01-21 - Doodle

DFSee 9.06 released (OS/2 trap fix)

This is a bug fix release only, it fixes traps in the OS/2 version of DFSee that became more prominent in version 9.05 due to changes in the memory layout and usage.

DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning, filesystem and disk analysis, file recovery, UNDELETE for HPFS, JFS, and NTFS, resizing and smart imaging or cloning.

More details at: http://www.dfsee.com/dfsee/

Direct download links from the DFSee website:

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