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eComStation 2.0 is here !


End of Thawte Free Email Certificates

In these days, Thawte is sending email announcements to the users of its free email certificates that this service will be discontinued on November 16, 2009. Another service, Thawte Web of Trust, will be discontinued as well. Thawte Web of Trust is a worldwide network of independent notaries able to verify users personally. All issued certificates will be revoked by this date.

Czech Warpstock 2009

We are proud to announce that the Czech Warpstock 2009 mini-conference will take place on the weekend from September 18 to September 20 at the Raná Airport situated in the North-West of the Czech Republic. This is already the eighth year of Czech Warpstock; we started in Děčín in 2002. All OS/2 and eCS fans are very welcome!

Open Watcom 1.8 Final Release

Open Watcom has released the final 1.8 version of its C++ and Fortran compiler. As usual, it can be downloaded from
In this version, the C++ compiler has been enhanced, there are new Win32 API headers and libraries, and various other changes.

Open Watcom 1.8 RC2

The OpenWatcom project has released the second RC of version 1.8.

Can be downloaded here:

Changes since the last version:

The source code is not available yet, it will be available with the final releae.

As usual, the Fortran compiler has been released too.

eComStation 2.0 RC6a

A new RC version of eComStation 2.0 has been released, as it had been announced before. Again, this version is available only to holders of Software Subscription Services.

URL: http://www.ecomstation.com/ecomstation20.phtml?url=nls/en/content/versio...

Presentations from Warpstock Europe 2008

Most presentations from the Warpstock Europe 2008 conference are already available for download on the conference web site. The format of all presentations is PDF.
URL: http://www.warpstock.eu/en/agenda/presentations.html
Five presentations are still missing at the moment, let's hope they will be delivered as soon as possible...

eCS 2.0 RC6

Mensys announced today via the eCS Distributors Mailing List that thay will release yet another Release Canditate before the final 2.0 version will be released.

GCC 4.3.2

Paul Smedley has published yet another version of his OS/2 port of GCC, now it's 4.3.2:
The new GCC has successfully compiled Firefox 3, MySQL, Apache and other software.

An Interview with Paul Smedley

Russian server eComstation.ru has published an interview with Paul Smedley, a famous porter of Linux and Unix software into OS/2.

URL: http://en.ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=185

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