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Netlabs Fat32 driver

I have been working on a Warpin install for the Netlabs fat32 driver. Adrian finally has found time to upload it so others can download it.


In this release, EXTENDED ATTRIBUTE support is enabled. If you don't want EA support, you will have to manually edit your config.sys and remove the /EAS from the


Warpin is not setup to allow people to select options or I would have given people the option.

Mike, this is a later version than the one I sent you.

PM123 User's Manual Version 0.96

PM123man.INF is an English hypertext file in the native INF format, offering the PM123 User's Manual.

PM123man.INF offers new possibilities and substitute gently obsolete integrated PM123 User's Manual.

PM123man.INF is a part of the NEPTUNE project, which contains -- 1,900 skins !

New features:
- Massive support useful tools throughout INF file
- REXX program to uninstall PM123man.INF

Direct download link (255 KB) -- http://www.os2ecs.net/PROG/pm123man.zip
See -- http://www.os2ecs.net/neptune/downloa4.shtml
See -- http://www.os2ecs.net/neptune/skincd4.shtml

OS2.org with new operators

While the closure of OS2.org has been announced some month ago, this website will now be operated by Team OS/2 Deutschland e.V. (Germany) (local association Team OS/2 Ruhr e.V.). The association will provide the technical and financial basis for the website, but for further development as well as for editorial tasks OS2.org still requires help from outside.

Please help to keep OS2.org running!

Please see further details within the current OS2.org editorial!

URL: http://en.os2.org

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