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OS/2 CHL update

OS/2 & USB Controllers article was finalized and put online on OS/2 Compatible Hardware List (http://www.os2warp.be/index2.php?pageid=3⊂=5 ). Article contains in-depth chipsets details.

URL: http://www.os2warp.be

coolfm beta 10

* New skin (e-girl-wine)
* German & spanish language resources (plus switching to necessary codepage)
* Auto mute radio after N minutes - use this when going to sleep

p.s. Don't be lazy, collect logos of stations and
share it with users located in your city.

URL: http://ecomstation.ru/coolfm

Web/2 and NeatUtils update

Hi everyone, I released a new version of web/2, check it out @ http://dink.org/web2/

Web/2 is a native OS/2 web server, written in Pascal and is freeware and incredible small (the size of the executable I use is only 42k).

neatutils were updated also, see http://dink.org/neatutils.htm

Compilation of various utilities, including whois, speed (displays realtime statistics on an ethernet interface), sock (shows a list of opened sockets) and others.

- dink ( http://dink.org )

SNAP Graphics for OS/2 2.2.0

SciTech SNAP Graphics for OS/2 2.2.0 has been released:

You can view the readme file here:

Highlights of this release include preliminary support for MultiHead on some Nvidia chipsets, proper support for AGP 8X, and various nice fixes (including some GRADD updates from IBM).

For a complete list of changes, see the changelog: http://www.scitechsoft.com/snap2_changes.txt

OS/2 Loader Support

This OS2LDR.EXE package provides you with an updated os2ldr file for the OS/2 Operating System. The new loader fixes a system error that can cause system freeze. This error can occur on a PC with a PCI bus and many PCI different cards.
This OS2 Loader is required for Enhanced SpeedStep support. If you are installing Enhanced SpeedStep on existing installed system that does not have Enhanced SpeedStep, then you may be required to install this OS2 Loader prior to the Installation of the Enhanced SpeedStep package.

Free for download: http://www7.software.ibm.com/2bcprod.nsf/.. .

RSJ CD Writer for OS/2 5.02

I just noticed that last month RSJ released an update to their CD/DVD writer software for OS/2. In case people weren't aware, starting with 5.0 RSJ now supports writing to DVD media.

URL: http://www.rsj.de/stage/en/cdwriter/cd_os2.asp


English: http://www2.rsj.de/pub/cdwos2/5.02/cdwos2us.exe
German: http://www2.rsj.de/pub/cdwos2/5.02/cdwos2d.exe
French: http://www2.rsj.de/pub/cdwos2/5.02/cdwos2fr.exe

Changes RSJ CD Writer for OS/2
* recorder speed tables updated
* DVD-RW support improved
* CDView: track sizes larger than 2GB are now displayed correctly


CDRWSEL (more infos)

CDRWSEL GUI allow you to use multiple CDRWs at the same time (simultaneous). Of course, you can use it for switching or if you only have one drive too.

Needed product : RSJ
If you don't have RSJ, try the demo full version for a limited time.


I downloaded a few screenshots under hobbes about CDRWSEL and one screenshot with 2 CDRW attached simultaneously.

File : CDRWSEL_V201-jpg.zip


IBM Web Browser 2.01 Available for eCS users

IBM updated the Web Browser from 2.0 to 2.01. The updated version is available to registered eComStation 1.1 users.

URL: http://www.ecomstation.com

IBM Web Browser Service Refresh

The IBM(R) Web Browser for OS/2(R) V2.0.1 Service Refresh is now available for download. IBM Web Browser for OS/2, v2.0.1 is based on the Mozilla 1.3 level.


-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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IDEDASD Drivers Updated

IBM has updated (6/18/2003 - date on page hasn't been updated) the IDEDASD drivers, which includes updated OS2DASD.DMD, OS2CDROM.DMD, IBM1FLPY.ADD, and of course the IDE support (IBM1S506 and IBMATAPI).

URL: http://www7.software.ibm.com/2bcprod.nsf/...

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