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CDRWSEL 2.10.0 (New design and more functions)

GUI to use RSJ command line possibilities (Design updated and new functions added). Use it to attached all CDRW drives you have and use them (all together or switch from one to an other. You can use it with only ONE cdrw too).

It is very easy to use it, auto drive detection, full finalize options... It works under OS/2 or eCS.

url: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-search?key=cdrwsel&pushbutton=Search

* NEW V2.10.0 (Many changes, updated design...)

1 / INI file is now a real INI file (binary)
2 / DAT file is no more used (integrated into INI file)

NewView 2.5.0

NewView is a program for viewing OS/2 or eComStation help files, which replaces IBM's original View program. NewView offers improvements such as a nicer user interface and more options.

URL: http://homepages.visp.co.nz/~aaronlawrence/NewView.html
Hobbes: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-search?key=newview2_5_0

Convertor Orc2Wrc

You can download convertor of resource files (RC) from OS/2 format to WIN format.

URL: http://swan.kky.vslib.cz/~moucka

pmCalc is now 4allCalc

The classic OS/2 shareware application "pmCalc" (since 1995) has now been renamed to 4allCalc and has been released as version 4.0 erschienen. The new version now includes a dropdown list for old entries, separately for persitently stored formulas and the last 20 manual entries. The OS/2 version is functionally identical to the Windows version. pmCalc/4allCalc has a separate input and output field, can make use of variables and includes proggramming features and regression.

URL: http://www.hypermake.de
Download: ftp://ftp.bmtmicro.com/bmtmicro/4allc_os2.zip

Guiffy 5.2 compare/merge released

Guiffy is the advanced cross-platform compare/merge. Features 2-way and
3-way smart, "SureMerge", interfaces. Compare and Merge interfaces support Editing and Undo. Guiffy's compare views include Inline diff highlighting. Comes with builtin UNICODE and MBCS support. And, a command line interface for CM/SCM integrations -- Works with CVS, Perforce, SOS, Starbase and many others. Guiffy also includes integrated Folder/FileTree Compare and Synchronization. Plus, a complete API package is included.

Please see the homepage for more details.

URL: http://www.guiffy.com

DragText v3.8 Released

A new release of DragText (v3.8) is now available from: http://e-vertise.com/dragtext/drgtxt38.zip

DT v3.8 adds features other programs never thought of: drag & drop text in standard windows, access to WPS objects from every program, and OverDrag, the most comprehensive set of while-you-drag features found on any platform. V3.8 extends these capabilities and provides an important bug-fix for current users.


July 2003 issue of OS/2 e-Zine is up

The July 2003 issue of OS/2 e-zine should be up now.

Seeing as this is my first issue as Editor-in-Chief, there are bound to be glitches. Please let me know if you find anything wrong!

Enjoy the issue!

URL: http://www.os2ezine.com/

Mike2SKN.INF version 1.41

Mike2SKN.INF version 1.41 is an English hypertext file in the native INF format, offering a detailed overview of 400 perfect skins for PM123. In practice, it is an accurate catalog of all skins with order numbers from - 401 to 800. Mike2SKN.INF is a part of the NEPTUNE project, which contains -- 1,900 skins !

New features:
- Much new important information
- Neptune-CD Cover (StarOffice 5.1 - necd1900.sda)
- DOS text mode (Some useful tools)
- 1 new skin (Faerytal.skn)
- REXX program to uninstall Mike2SKN.INF

URL: http://www.os2ecs.net/neptune/downloa4.shtml

Warpstock CZ 2003 started

Warpstock CZ 2003 just started. Everzbody is in good mood and first discourse is in full swing and ECS 1.1 is succesfully instaled. Fipa did good work:o))))Even that the day program have 1h delay:o)))))

Security/2 alpha 0.1.3

Security/2 alpha 0.1.3 had been updated: http://en.ecomstation.ru/openssh/

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