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InetPowerServer v0.9.9 Beta

InetPowerServer v0.9.9 Beta is available: http://www.inetpowerserver.com/

The goal of the project is to deliver a highly efficient and scalable multi protocol server package to serve simple to very complex Internet, Intranet and/or Extranet solutions. You will find updated information about the project as well as the product itself on this site. The product itself can be downloaded from this site, online documentation, project status and more are available as well, enjoy!

Innotek Font Engine 1.00

InnoTek Font Engine for OS/2 http://www.innotek.de/products/ft2lib/

The InnoTek Font Engine for OS/2 (powered by Freetype 2) is a port of the Freetype 2 font engine to the OS/2 Warp platform which provides a tight integration with the OS/2 graphics subsystem. It is designed to be able to replace the OS/2 font rendering subsystem for selected (tested) applications.

The benefits of the Freetype library compared to the default OS/2 font engine can be summarized as follows:
* greatly improved font rendering quality for both TrueType and Adobe Type 1 outline fonts

OS/2 Kit for Java 1.4.2 Beta 1 level

InnoTek has updated its OS/2 Kit for Java product to 1.4.2 Beta 1 level.
It can be downloaded for free individual use at http://www.innotek.de/products/javaos2 .

Among the many improvements of 1.4.2 Beta 1 are the following highlights:

* updated to the latest Sun J2SE 1.4.2 level
* received official Sun certification to be Java Compatible?

For more information on InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Java, please contact InnoTek at javaDESPAM@innotek.de .

Achim Hasenmueller
InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH


USB Serial Support Driver

IBM released USB Serial support for OS/2.

Its available for registered Software Choice customers.

It supports:
# FTDI FT8U100AX chip asynchronous serial port 1 (Future Technology Devices International Ltd.)
# Belkin F5U103 USB serial adapter
# MCT USB to RS232 converter (Magic Control Technology Corp.)
# USB Serial Converter on IBM Multi-Port USB Hub (part number 00N8216)
# Belkin F5U103 USB Serial Adapter
# USB Serial Adapter on Belkin F5U116 USB Multi-Port Hub
# USB Serial Adapter on Belkin F5U120 USB DockStation

OS/2 Kit for Acrobat Reader 4.05 available

InnoTek has made general release of its OS/2 Kit for Acrobat Reader 4.05 product available. It can be downloaded for free individual use at
http://www.innotek.de/products/acrobatos2 .

Free Pascal 1.0.10

Free Pascal 1.0.10 is available for download at the eCSoft/2 site:


Free Pascal is a 32-bit multiplataform compiler compatibile TP/BP/Dephi. Available for OS/2, Linux, FreeBSD, GO32v2 and Win32.

IBM Java 1.3.1 Updated to SR5

The OS/2 Warp Developer Kit, Java (TM) 2 Technology Edition, Version 1.3.1 Service Refresh 5 is now available for download. Installed runtime on SR5 should show:

java full version J2RE 1.3.1 IBM build co 131-20030618


Note: The OS/2 Software Choice also lists the lastest drivers updates on that page.

Complete install for GCC 3.2.1

Complete install for GCC 3.2.1 is available for download at hobbes:


Complete install for GCC 3.2.1 including emxrt,emxdev,emxbooks, fix4, and gcc 3.2.1. Including installer. Just unzip into a temporary directory and run install.

Mozilla 1.5a for OS/2

The Mozilla 1.5a for OS/2 release is (hopefully) available at mozilla-os2-1.5a.zip.

This is just a ZIP with mailnews, chat, and spellchecker. We will not be making an installer build for this release.

Before you download, there are several things you should know. First, this is an alpha release of Mozilla, so it will have bugs. Second, this release was built with an alpha release of GCC 3.2.2. While this release should be more stable than the GCC nightlies (which are still being build with GCC 3.2.1), there may be some bugs as a result of this new

CDRTools/2 2.01a17

cdrtools/2 2.01a17 had been released.

Hobbes: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-search?key=cdrtools2-2.01a17.zip

Enhanced Os/2 port of well known unix cd writing tools.

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