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New pointer sets for OS/2 and eComStation

New "home made" pointer sets for OS/2 and eComStation have been uploaded to hobbes.

You'll find :

- The Shadok Pointers v19960531 for OS/2 and eComStation

- The Don't Worry Be Happy Pointers v19960531 for OS/2 and eComStation

- The eBall Pointers v20070509 for eComStation


The HTML-Editor (X)HTML-Format and the analysis tool WebAnalysis have been combined to a powerful Open-Source WebSuite.

The Open-Source Websuite works under Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2 if a Java RTE V1.3 or better is installed.

URL: http://www.openwebsuite.org/

kLIBC version 0.6.2 and GCC 3.3.5 CSD2

kLIBC version 0.6.2 and GCC 3.3.5 CSD2 have been released. GCC is an open source compiler; features of the OS/2 port include fork() support, symlinks, chroot support, and many new functions. The kLIBC runtime is used by many OS/2 ports of Unix applications.

URL: http://svn.netlabs.org/libc/

WDSibyl Updated

WDSibyl has been updated. This is an open source continuation of the commercial product Sibyl, which is a Pascal / Delphi compiler. From OS2.org.

URL: http://www.wdsibyl.org/

newLISP version 9.1.5

newLISP version 9.1.5 has been ported to OS/2. This is a LISP-like scripting language for CGI programming, system administration, text processing, etc.

URL: http://newlisp.nodep.nl/newlisp2.html

PM Downloader version 1.02

PM Downloader version 1.02 has been released. This is an interactive multithreaded network retriever which supports HTTP and FTP protocols for downloading files.

URL: http://eros2.by.ru/pmdownloader_en.html

PHP, STunnel, cURL updated

Hi All,

Over the last couple of days, I've updating the following ports at my site at http://smedley.info/os2ports
- 20070507 - PHP updated to v5.2.2
- 20070506 - STunnel port updated to 4.20
- 20070506 - cURL port updated to 7.16.2

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

Refreshed ACPI 2.21 and replacement kernels on Betazone

ACPI (short for "Advanced Configuration and Power Interface") is a standard that defines power and configuration management interfaces between an operating system and Hardware. It is meant to supersede the older APM standard (for power management) and provide a generic interface for recognition and configuration of hardware devices.

ACPI Tools homepage -- http://ecomstation.ru/acpitools
Send bug-reports to: supportDESPAM@DESPAMecomstation.ru

Available to those with access (via Software Subscription Services) to the eComStation BetaZone: ( via logging in at http://www.mensys.nl )

sane2twain 0.90

This is the first beta release of sane2twain, an open source twain dsm that will enable programs like PMView and Maul Publisher to acquire images from your scanner.

Download: sane2twain090.zip

This version can:-
# Preview images.
# Select an area.
# Zoom in and out (and scroll about).
# Set a number of options, depending on the scanner.
# Display progress indicators.
# Scan.

It uses libsane from Paul Smedley, see http://www.smedley.info/sane.html
You should try and get tame V1.04b to work before attempting to use sane2twain.


MySQL Community Server 5.0.37 has been released for OS/2 & eCS

Hi All,

I've finally got around to uploading an OS/2 and eCS port of MySQL 5.0.37 to my site at http://smedley.info/os2ports

Please see the readme.os2 file contained in the zip for details on how to provide feedback and support this project.


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