Mensys BV is pleased to announce the availability of the Flash 10 Plugin wrapper for eComStation Technology Preview 2.
This product is available for download to all registered users of Software Subscription Services for eComStation. For more information, please visit:

The second Technology Preview of the Flash 10 Plugin wrapper for eComStation is intended to show the progress of this product and to give you an early experience of being able to use websites implementing the latest Flash content.
The official Flash 5 included with eComStation is outdated and does not support video playback. The unofficial Flash 7/9 release which can be found on the internet does not work on a lot of websites as it identifies itself as
Flash 9 but can only display Flash 7 content.

With the new release of Flash 10 up-to-date Flash support for eComStation is provided. This release also supports proper rendering of Flash 10 text elements and Flash keyboard input works.

Notes: This code should not be used on production systems. See the readme document for details.
This release requires eComStation 1.2, 1.2R or eComStation 2.0 GA.
This release requires an installed version of Odin, which can be obtained from the same download location as the Flash 10 package.
Feedback can be provided via

Please follow the guidelines on what steps are needed in order to properly report a bug.

About the Flash standard: Flash content is used on a lot of websites.
Some websites require Flash support to login with your user credentials.
Also a lot of populair websites have video files online in the Flash format.

After downloading please review the readme documentation for known issues and instructions on how to uninstall.

Best regards,

Mensys BV