Today we ware proud to announce EmperoarTV 2.0.

EmperoarTV 2.0 brings digital TV experience to the OS/2 and eComStation platform. This includes high quality MPEG2 hard disk recording and playback. With the appropiate hardware you can watch free-to-air digital satellite (DVB-S) unencrypted digital cable (DVB-C) and terrestrial (DVB-T) broadcasts. The latter can be done even on your notebook using an USB2.0 attached receiver.

If digital TV is not available at your location, just get an analog PVR card. You can not only watch TV. Digitize your old VCR tapes to full featured MPEG2 and create DVDs and enjoy.

For more information visit:

Note that this is a major update, which is not free for existing users.
However, an update pricing will be available.