Here are some screenshot from my eComStation system for all of you, who are interested in this great new operating system...

eComStation Installation
eComStation Desktop
eComStation New Icons
eComStation Printer Guide
eComStation Large Volume Manager (LVM)
eComStation´s new font folder
eComStation´s Prompts (eCS, DOS, eCS-Win)
eComStation´s new Planner and Clock
eComStation Theme Manager
eComStation´s Scitech Display Doctor
eComStation´s WiseMachine
eComStation´s power to run applications from other platforms (Java, HobLinkX, VirtualPC)
eComStation and burning CDs using RSJ CD Writer
eComStation as the best office (Lotus Smartsuite, StarOffice 5.1a, new ECS Calculator)
eComStation - new power for multimedia

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