Serenity Systems International is pleased to announce the availability of eComStation 2.0 RC4 for download. eComStation 2.0 will offer unparalleled performance with Bootable JFS and support for multi-core CPUs.

This is the eighth public beta release of eComStation 2.0. This product is available for download to all registered eComStation customers with active Software Subscription Services. (See this explanation).
This version of eComStation 2.0 is the fourth Release Candidate, no big changes or additions will be added before the GA version, it mainly consists of updates to drivers and installation scripts.

Panorama VESA video driver installation
This version of eComStation allows the installation of the Panorama VESA videodriver, to enable accelerated display on video chipsets currently unsupported by Scitech SNAP.

Netware installation
This version of eComStation allows the installation of the Netware client software and utilities straight from the regular installer. It is integrated in the network pages and makes it easier to setup eComStation as a workstation in a Netware environment.

Disk Resizer GUI
This beta has a custom DFSee engine that enables reliable RESIZING of FAT32 and NTFS filesystems to allow shrinking an existing Windows installation to make room for eComStation on the same system.

The GUI to this tool has been updated and is now using a graphical interface. To invoke it, please select 'Paritition Resizing Tool' from the Installation Volume Manager which can be called during installation.

GenMac support
This package provides generic driver support for several network interface cards under OS/2 and eComStation. Moreover, Genmac is enabled to support WPA encryption with the Wireless LAN Monitor 3.x or better.
Genmac and the Wireless LAN monitor will be installed when the appropriate hardware is detected by the installer. If it is not detected, you can manually select the driver in the network installation dialog.

Bootable JFS
This release of eComStation contains the option to install the operating system on a JFS volume. The advantage of doing this is that the amount of diskcache is only limited by system memory (typically 10% of available memory is assigned) This increased cache size gives a huge gain in overall system performance.
To install onto a Bootable JFS volume, you will have to select 'JFS' as filesystem type in the 'Format Volume' page of the installer.

ACPI 3.05
ACPI support has been updated to the latest available version (3.05) which results in varying successrate. For example, AMD Opteron multicore CPU is now reported to be supported.
Installation of ACPI has been improved by the use of the ACPI Wizard, which tries to determine system configuration and set parameters accordingly. You can manually change them of course. It will be run after regular installation has completed.

multicore CPU support
This beta supports the installation of eComStation on a MultiCore CPU computer. This includes Intel Core Duo, Core2 Duo and AMD 64 X2.
To enable it, you can do so in the ACPI Wizard that is launched from the Post Installation tasks at the end of the installation. Alternatively you can start the ACPI Wizard at any time from the install/remove folder in the Local System folder on the desktop.

eComStation Virtual File System (Samba client support)
Samba is a SMB/CIFS protocols file and print sharing server/client set originally made for UNIX world to cooperate with corresponding Windows and OS/2 servers or clients. eComStation has a native implementation of SMB/CIFS server/client set - IBM LAN Manager and IBM Peer. These products have not been recently updated and may have some compatibility issues with modern Windows SMB/CIFS implementations.
Serenity Systems International has reached an agreement with Blueprint Software Works for the inclusion of the 'eComStation Virtual File System' driver which provides support for Samba Client. A simple GUI to configure and mount Samba shares is provided.

WHATSNEW for eComStation 2.0 RC4

-=# The Christmas 2007 release #=-

New Features:

# Network reconfiguration now functions properly
# Detection of wired vs wireless NICs will be in proper order
# Added tool to configure a not-connected wired NIC interface (llaecs)
# Disk resizer has progress bar for improved usability
# New bootlogo and desktopbackground, reflecting "RC4" status

Updated Applications:

# Updated GenMac to "Release Version 2.20 RC1"
# Updated XWLAN utility to version 3.10 RC1
# Updated ACPI to version 3.05
# Updated both Firefox and Thunderbird to version
# Updated RSJ CD writer to 6.02
# Updated UniAud audiodriver to 1.1.4RC4 release
# Updated UnixLike utilities to support wildcard notation
# Updated tar (to 1.18), gzip (to 1.3.6) and bzip2 (to 1.0.4)
# Updated DOS kernel to 14.103
# Updated Time zone update for Java 1.4.2 to 2007H
# Updated MPTS Wrap to version 0908

Fixes since the previous release:

# 1686: [installer phase 2] Problem with OBJECT ID of mouse object
# 1796: [installer phase 2] GenMac needs to be installed completely on HD
# 1190: [other] APM Installation: config.sys missing: SET ENH_SUSPEND=2
# 1626: [booting of CD] XUL disc resizer
# 1633: [installer phase 1] Broadcom NeteXtreme Gigabit NIC not detected
# 1704: [other] If both GenMAC wirless interface and second inteface have TCPBuei enabled, Peer will not start
# 1625: [installer phase 2] eCS 2.0 rc2 error code 85 when USB CD-ROM support is requested
# 1800: [other] Apply ABIOS patch to OS2LDR
# 1700: [installer phase 3] ecs 2.0 it_it rc3: finalization wizard writes USER variable uppercase
# 1583: [other] Included versions of archiving utilities like tar, gzip, bzip2 are not the latest versions
# 1572: [installer phase 1] SEINST install failed
# 1711: [installer phase 1] System crashes without /!BIOS
# 1752: [installer phase 1] Trap E in OS2KRNL on starting install
# 1672: [other] Shutdown menu (estyler) does nothing if no selection is made
# 1707: [other] selecting panorama causes finish.cmd to run makewps.cmd from snap
# 1685: [other] Network reconf no longer works
# 1795: [other] Selective installer for networking destroys system
# 1738: [other] After successful installation, 'Selective Install for Networking' causes a loop in phase 2
# 1607: [installer phase 1] Broadcom 10/100 network adapter not present in macs listing.
# 1198: [other] Do not run CFGSORT on (network) reconfiguration
# 1732: [other] NIC not detected on HP compaq NC6320
# 1659: [booting of CD] Experimential features
# 1564: [other] (eCS 2.0 RC1) WPSEXTS missing
# 1781: [other] is down level.
# 1669: [other] Amouse needs /SMP switch in SMP mode
# 1712: [installer phase 2] LAN not working, IBMLVL.INI not readable by MPTS.exe
# 1789: [other] JUNE.LNG misses texts and one sentence needs modification.
# 1504: [other] On this system V2.0B4 using GenMac for Broadcom NetXtreme NIC failed to install ANY copy of mptn.msg
# 1631: [other] mptn.msg missing
# 1580: [other] changing video drivers results in an unstartable system
# 1720: [other] Missing menuitems: Create another.., Create program object
# 1746: [other] Need to update the Samba client code in the EVFS package
# 1777: [installer phase 1] LVM fingerprint check text needs fixing
# 1722: [installer phase 2] Trap 000e ThinkPad R61
# 1724: [installer phase 1] Due to HW detection order Wireless is put on lan0
# 1641: [installer phase 1] Dual Core CPU installs W4 Kernel with "/SMP" option in ACPI.PSD. Result: stop at bootlogo.
# 1750: [other] FAT 32 IFS
# 1779: [other] WinOS2 apps lost during migration.
# 1688: [booting of CD] Install eCS 2.0 RC 3 in Virtual PC
# 1693: [installer phase 2] eCS 2.0 rc3 hangs loading drivers at phase2
# 1708: [installer phase 2] System hangs
# 1705: [installer phase 2] /APIC not filtered from ACPI.PSD line in phase2
# 1740: [other] MPTS does not work
# 1706: [other] x:\ibmcom\macs contains too many NIF files, causing MPTS to fail
# 1695: [other] MPTS crashes after easy install eCS 2.0 rc3
# 1733: [other] ACPI Wizard parameter parsing logic
# 1767: [other] Selective install *still* has OS/2 Warp 4 background and titlebar
# 1776: [other] UCLIP locations
# 1775: [other] en_us\ecs\install\ contains a duplicate of itself
# 1758: [installer phase 1] Configure Network page references "Netware" instead of "NetWare" and needs additional fixes
# 1759: [installer phase 1] Network types text needs cleaning and consistency
# 1765: [installer phase 2] Disk inactivity warning text
# 1754: [installer phase 1] Language on resistration info page should be modified
# 1757: [installer phase 1] Registration screen text needs more polish
# 1751: [other] Unix-like commands in ecs\klibc (coreutils)
# 1761: [installer phase 1] When adding IPX, it is only available for binding to the first NIC
# 1742: [other] Couldn't configure MPTS .
# 1684: [other] Scheme Palete doesn't contain a setting for current colors
# 1703: [other] Default locale is still not correctly set during install.
# 1718: [installer phase 2] hang loading BASEDEVs

Updated / added drivers:

# Updated ACPI to revision 3.05
# Updated APM to revision 1.20
# Updated UniAud audiodriver to 1.1.4RC4 release
# Updated JFS code to match eCS Bootable JFS 1.0.7. The updates for the latest IBM JFS support (14.105) have been merged into this release. It is valid for both HPFS and JFS systems.
# applied IBM APAR PJ31116/PJ31056 Comet Cursor/Suspend (fixes 1781)
# samba plugin code at level 3.0.26
fixes 1746