A first public test version of Azureus4eCS has been released as v0.1.0 on 2007-10-03!

It's a complete package that allows to run Azureus v2.5.0.4 on eComStation and OS/2 with Java 1.4.x. Everything needed is included in the Azureus4eCS package!

Azureus is a P2P client that based on Java and normally uses SWT. With the help of SWTSwing and patches on the original Azureus code it's possible to use it on eCS and OS/2.

More information can be found here (you can change the language between German and English at the top right of the page - click the flag):

You can still support the SWTSwing bounty at OS2World.com which is used with this package: http://www.os2world.com/content/view/14799/71/

Juergen Ulbts