You can see here a part of the configurability that the OS/2 Desktop provides. First, the View tab is opened in the Desktop Properties notebook, see how much settings? There is 2 other pages in the View tab like this!

Secondly, the Background tab is opened for the folder named 'KOR Lyrics'. Yes! backgrounds for folders. Of course, you can drag and drop your favorite bitmaps (any type supported by Multimedia) in there too.

The third notebook has a folder named 'Super Dooper Project' opened on the File tab. The mouse cursor is enabling 'Work Area'. When this setting is enabled, all the objects contained in that folder will open when the folder is opened, close when the folder is closed, minimize or restore when the folder is minimized or restored. It can be very handy on big or simultaneous projects.

You might also have noticed that all of the three notebooks resembles each other. The reason of this is because the Desktop _is_ a (special) folder.

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