Welcome to my Desktop Tour!

OS/2 Warp 4 is one of the great operating systems developed by IBM. This descriptive slideshow tour was made to introduce people to OS/2 Warp, and letting them know that, yes, something good exists out there. It will attempt to show you most of its major features, but there is so much to show. It will also include screen shots and explanations of applications which are available for OS/2. Each product shown will be hyperlinked to their web page for consultation in need of more precise information.

This presentation is best viewed in presentation mode (For WebExplorer and Mosaic) or in KioskMode ([Command Line] Netscape -k "[Current Location]"), but not necessary. Also, the screen shots are an average of 100kB, which represents 30 seconds downloading at 28.8kb/s. If you think you would like to download the whole package for offline viewing, please do. It includes DOS compatible filenames, so DOS/Win users will be able to use it without any trouble. Now, enjoy the show and relax!

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