KeyRing/2, the secure password keeper for OS/2 Warp and eCS is now FREEWARE!

Feel free to download the full product and request an encryption module - Completely Free!

Due to encryption product export restrictions, you still need to request an Encryption Module. The program and encryption module is free to anyone living in a non terrorist-supporting country.

Our web site for downloading the program and requesting an encryption module can be found at:

Please be patient while waiting for your encryption module to arrive. We have minimal staff handling fulfillment (me!).

IDK, Inc. is looking for someone to take over development of this

Send an email to if you are an OS/2 software developer and are interested in making this an open source freeware product. I really want to see this program live on, but I am way too busy to support it properly with new development.

KR/2 is written in VxREXX (GUI) and Virtual Pascal/2 (encryption and database). The Virtual Pascal/2 compiler is freeware and available on line. The Watcom VxREXX compiler is defunct, but may still be available.

The product has no known bugs, but could use a few new features and upgrades.

Note: In January 2006, We will be taking down the KeyRing/2 web site page and will not be sending out any further encryption modules (registration
keys). Someone needs to take over servicing this product before then!

We will continue to handle customer support until 1-1-2006 on YahooGroups and via private email. There is a link to the YahooGroups KR/2 mailing list subscription on the web site mentioned above.

After 1-1-2006 we will discontinue support, other than assisting open source developers.

We'd like to thank our loyal customers for their support over the years!


Kevin McCoy
IDK, Inc.